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Hydrochloric Acid – Muriatic Acid

Hydrochloric Acid is used in a wide variety of industries and processes and in some cases as a successful substitute in processes that would otherwise use Sulphuric Acid, due to waste disposal guidelines.

The majority of its uses are based on its properties as a strong mineral acid. Hydrochloric Acid has a high odour, gives off vapour and is a class 8 dangerous good and should be handled with care.

Hydrochloric Acid is used widely in water treatment as an effective neutralization agent for alkaline (high pH) effluent. It is also regarded as a very suitable alternative to Sulphuric Acid in this application as a result of the inorganic by-products that are generated in this process. It is also used in some swimming pool purification systems.

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Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid is primarily used when waste liquid may go to inland water systems or onto land for irrigation.

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Hydrochloric Acid - 32%

1000L IBCs NCHA321000
200L Drum NCHA32200
15L Drum NCHA3215
5L Bottle NCHA325

Hydrochloric Acid - 15%

1000L IBCs NCHA151000

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