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Poly Aluminium Chloride – PAC/PACL

Poly Aluminium Chloride, also known as Aluminium Chlora-hydrate, is a coagulant of 83% basicity.

It is safe for use in all waters and works well through a variety of temperatures and pH levels. It has a high Aluminium content, which reduces the quantity required for dosing when flocculating, hence reducing tank size and delivery frequencies required. Nowchem can provide PAC in 23% and 10% solutions for flocculation requirements as needed.

icon_acrobat Poly Aluminium Chloride 10% SDS

icon_acrobat Poly Aluminium Chloride 23% SDS


PAC is more effective than Alum in areas of very low temperatures, low pH levels or on the re-flocculation of potable water.

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Poly Aluminium Chloride - 10%

1000L IBC NCPAC101000
200L Drum NCPAC10200
20L Drum NCPAC1020

Poly Aluminium Chloride - 23%

Tanker Loads NCPAC23BULK
1000L IBC NCPAC231000
200L Drum NCPAC23200
20L Drum NCPAC2320

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