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Liquid Aluminium Sulphate – Alum

Aluminium Sulphate (Alum) is the most common flocculant used in the water treatment industry. Available in an 8% liquid solution in various pack sizes it helps make your water crystal clear.

Alum is cost effective to manufacture and purchase as opposed to other polymers/coagulants in the market place and it has a broad use range from pH 4-8. Nowchem uses Aluminium Trihydrate (refined bauxite) in the manufacturing process which helps reduce Iron content and sludge levels in storage tanks. Alum manufactured using refined bauxite is a lighter colour than Alum made using cheaper unrefined bauxite due to Iron levels. Nowchem can easily ship small or large quantities of Alum to your site throughout NSW.

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In recent years we have improved our manufacturing ability to be able to produce up to 120 tonnes of Alum per day and can store up to 240 tonnes on site.

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Liquid Aluminium Sulphate - Alum

Tanker Loads 4608
1000L IBC NCALS1000
200L Drum NCALS200
20L Drum NCALS20
5L Bottle NCALS5

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