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Sodium Hydroxide – Liquid Caustic

Liquid Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide solution) is a reagent for a large number of applications.

It is used in a broad range of industries including food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, mining and water treatment. Nowchem can supply liquid caustic solution in various strengths for water treatment applications such as cleaning and pH correction.

icon_acrobat Caustic Soda 25% SDS

icon_acrobat Caustic Soda 30% SDS

icon_acrobat Caustic Soda 50% SDS

icon_acrobat Liquid Caustic 30% Product Information Sheet

icon_acrobat Liquid Caustic 50% Product Information Sheet


Sodium Hydroxide

We offer standard solutions of 50%, 30% and 25% and can also blend up a customised ratio to meet your requirements. We offer various pack sizes including full tanker loads, 1000L IBCs, 200L, and 15L options.

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Sodium Hydroxide - 50%

Bulk Tankers 2560
1000L IBCs NCCS501000
200L Drum NCCS50200
15L Drum NCCS5015
5L Bottle NCCS505

Sodium Hydroxide - 25%

Bulk Tankers 6357
1000L IBCs NCCS251000
200L Drum NCCS25200
15L Drum NCSH200

Sodium Hydroxide - 30%

Bulk Tankers 6356
1000L IBCs NCCS301000
200L Drum NCCS30200
15L Drum NCCS3015

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