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Granular Pool Chlorine – Calcium Hypochlorite

Granular Pool Chlorine or Calcium Hypochlorite is a great source for providing pool water with the chlorine it requires for correct sanitation.

Calcium Hypochlorite can also be provided in a stabilised granular chlorine (Trichloro or Dichloroisocyanuric Acid) to prevent UV rays from reducing chlorine levels. Granular Pool Chlorine can be used in commercial and domestic pools and can be dosed manually or via granular feed units such as Granudose chlorinators.

Granular Pool Chlorine

Nowchem provides high grade USA or Japanese quality Calcium Hypochlorite to ensure premium sanitation.

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Granular Pool Chlorine - Calcium Hypochlorite

2kg (stabilised) WPQSC2
4kg Granular WPQ7004
10kg Granular Premium WPQ70010
10kg Granular Economy WPQPC70010
20kg Granular Premium WPQ70020
Granu-Chlor 700 (Double dried) IQGR6010IQ

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